Parker Foord


Software Engineer

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Goal: I ought to be working to improve the world. I want my work to carry meaning. Through my personal projects and professional work, I believe I can make a meaningful improvement in other people's lives.



Parker Foord

Software Engineer with + years experience, including work as a teacher, senior software engineer, and tech lead, solving complex problems and guiding others towards the right solutions.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer

August 2022 - Present

Northwoods | Milwaukee, WI

  • Maintained and added features to large-scale financial operations infrastructure.
  • Created and maintained a complex API that allows clients to manage their holdings programmatically, rather than through the service portal. Current functionality includes the ability to retrieve all client data, including accounts, balances, documents, and transactions; additionally, it allows for the creation of new accounts, submission of documents, and transfer of funds, all within the Dynamics infrastructure. Documentation written using Swagger and Security using token authentication through Microsoft Azure.
  • Developed plugins to integrate with Dynamics and preform custom operations based on emerging business needs.
  • Led the upgrade of DOTNET versions 3.1 => 6.0 and 6.0 => 8.0 for whole suite of applications.

Founder and Tech Lead

May 2019 - Present

Aeros AI

  • Founded Aeros AI in anticipation of AI becoming mainstream, after observing significant advancements in artificial intelligence technologies, specifically in machine learning and generative AI.
  • Led research and development of AI products in numerous sectors including finance, healthcare, and entertainment.
  • Presented to angel investors.
  • Designed website for Series A inquiries

Software Engineer

April 2021 - August 2022

Caraflow | Milwaukee, WI

  • Led in the design, development, and release of React Native barcode scanning app.
  • Maintained and added features to existing windows program that provides more reliable system for hospital administrators to view, import, and manage employee real-time health data captured using our web and android apps.
  • Maintained and added features to Android application to digitalize hospital employee health information, replacing manual paper records for more accurate, accessible, and trackable records.
  • Created (ASP.NET) web version of Android application that maintains functionality and compatibility regardless of device user is using.
  • Designed battery-powered, hospital room wall mountable, low-energy display to record interaction frequency between patients and doctors for efficient record keeping and to ensure protocol compliance.

Senior Software Engineer

November 2019 - March 2021

Siphon | Appleton, WI

  • Led engineering team on startup project aimed at offering users a streamlined way to view their digital content.
  • Communicated with the business leadership to ensure product was on track for MVP status.
  • Presented software product during pitch to venture capitalist investors.

Software Engineering Intern

April 2019 - November 2019

Oshkosh Defense | Oshkosh, WI

  • Developed system to automatically test compatibility of 100+ different applications with newly released Windows updates to prevent crashing.
  • Led project aimed at increasing efficiency at which mechanical engineer's computer program and application problems are routed and resolved.
  • Worked as part of the OJT team to resolve engineer software issues.

Coding Teacher

October 2018 - January 2019

St. Mary's Elementary School | Menasha, WI

  • Created numerous lesson plans to teach coding fundamentals to elementary school kids.
  • Taught weekly coding classes to 4th and 5th graders including both one on one and group work.


Software Engineering

2020 - 2023

Milwaukee School of Engineering | Milwaukee, WI

Associates of Software Development

2018 - 2020

Fox Valley Technical College | Appleton, WI


Founder and CEO

2020 - Present

Aeros Artifical Intelligence Startup


2020 - 2023

Transfer Student Association

Robotics Coach

2018 - 2019


Extra Curriculars

Circle K Service Club

2021 - 2023

Swimming Team

2021 - 2023

Aviation Club

2021 - 2023

Society of Software Engineers

2020 - 2023

MSOE AI Organization

2020 - 2023


Below are a handful of my personal and professional projects at various stages of development. Some of them were completed as a continuation of college class material, but most resulted from problems I was trying to solve or subjects that piqued my interest.

Project Type: Website

Last updated: 3/7/24

In 2019, inspired by advances in generative AI and machine learning, I launched Aeros AI to explore practical industry applications in various sectors including Finance, Healthcare, and Animation. Recognizing the importance of an online presence, we developed a website to showcase our products as we neared our Series A funding.

Prioritizing simplicity, I chose Svelte with SkeletonUI for its clean design capabilities. However, to avoid complexity, I streamlined the process with a custom template that simplifies website creation and deployment to a few hours, ideal for content-rich projects with minimal backend needs. This template, intended for future use in portfolios and blogs, will eventually be open-sourced.

For deployment, I utilized's Seed serverless platform for its ease and AWS integration. After comparing several hosting services, AWS emerged as the superior choice for its reliability, affordability (about $16 per year, including all fees), and hassle-free experience, solidifying our online infrastructure without complications.

Visit to learn more about our journey and offerings. is currently offline while we evaluate our first batch of investment inquiries. It will return with our latest product updates and new inquiry instructions soon, stay tuned!

Project Type: Website

Last updated: 3/5/24

My personal website was in need of a major overhaul. I decided to scrap the old site completely and move away from as I already work with it every day. The result is the current site you are on, although it is very much a work in progress.

My long term plan for the site was for it to be a portal to manage my live servers: Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, Mining, Minecraft, WIP chat service, etc. However, I decided to move this to a seperate domain, which you can read about below.


Project Type: Website

Last updated: 7/23/23

I registered a domain called konohaconnection and pointed it at my home server using cloudflare and the reverse proxy application Nginx. This allows me to access local server data securly through normal web addresses. I then setup portainer, plex, sonarr, radarr, prowlarr, etc. using docker.

Once I purchase more drive space I will setup file hosting. Eventually I will also host a wordpress site.

ModFusion Article

Project Type: Research Article

Last updated: 7/19/23

While working in industry I observed the strengths and weaknesses of different agile methodologies, I have created a new software team philisophy similar to that of SCRUM or kanban. The result is a modern and innovative solution to increase software output and engineer happiness. In this new system I incorporate the study of philosophy and central processing innovations to create ModFusion, a management method that aims to combat the rise in overworked and unmotivated software engineers at a time when the development of software is desperately needed.

After discussing my ideas with trusted mentors, I am working to get a ModFusion article published.

Untitled Animated Series

Project Type: Story Writing

Last updated: 7/15/23

Since a young age I found myself interested in animation. Particularly, the ability to induce strong emotions within an audience using animated characters. Growing up with shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood left a lasting impact on my life. These shows were able to convey life lessons while providing a fun and engaging experience. I want to provide amazing experiences like this for others, especially the younger generation. It is for this reason that I am writing an animated series. The goal of this project is to one day work with a team to produce an animated series that rivals my childhood favorites. This project is very dissimilar to my others. It has nothing to do with software or my career, but it is something I am passionate about nonetheless.

Automatic File Organizer

Project Type: Desktop Application

Last updated: 7/11/22

As my computer storage has expanded from 2TB to 31TB, my files have become cluttered between drives and Windows search is often worthless. A program that automatically sorts files based on user defined parameters was born. When I get this project into a polished state I will release it as freeware. My hope is that others with a cluttered computer can better sort their files. The end goal for is to make this application a service that does file cleanup in the background, with possible server optimization features.

React Native Recipe App

Project Type: Mobile Application

Last updated: 7/9/22

During the pandemic, I started the new hobby of baking/cooking. I found a lack of helpful free intuitive recipe apps. After creating both bare react native and expo apps at work, I have started development on an easy to use, multiplatform expo app. This will allow me to further expand my knowledge of react native. Slow updates as my free time focus is on other projects.

Vaporwave Wordle

Project Type: Desktop Application

Last updated: 5/28/22

As a group, we improved upon the popular game Wordle with new features and a cool vaporwave theme, all packed into a desktop app. These new features include: hard mode, different word lengths, a scoreboard, individual account creation, and a whole host of admin settings. This project was developed in Java.

AI Image Translation

Project Type: Research Project

Last updated: 4/11/22

The goal of this project is to create a program that could translate images containing text. For example, a user wants to read a French comic book that currently has no English translation.

This program will be able to:
1. Strip the text out of the image.
2. Translate the text
3. Produce new images with the translated English replacing the French.

After discussion with a few professors, we decided the right approach is to create a machine learning model to do batch translations.

This project is currently on hold pending authorization to utilize the on campus super computer, ROSIE, to train the model.
Project is under consideration for independent study.

Better Catan

Project Type: Web Application

Last updated: 11/29/21

After a strong desire to revisit the board game Catan, I searched for online variations. The online options were lackluster to say the least, limited to either or Catan Universe. Both online renditions with their own problems, and out of this problem game the idea for an ASP.NET version of the game. This project was a great exercise in working with complex objects and refining my ASP.NET skills. I also began to use the Kanban method of task-keeping, which I have used for the majority of my projects since.

This project is on hold and no longer being hosted while undergoing legal research.

C# War

Project Type: Desktop Application

Last updated: 6/5/21

In order to refine my skills in C#, I created the game of war as a WindowsFormApp. I used the .NET Framework to simulate a single player game of war against a computer with a complete visual interface. This is a very basic project that I often play with to test new techniques, patterns, or styles.

Java Visual Time Complexity

Project Type: Desktop Application

Last updated: 3/15/21

In Data Scructures, I created a program that would calculate the time complexity of a given algorithm and then display it visually. This app was created in Java.